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System - Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day~ a day for the exchange of tokens of affection

It is a day that candy and flower shops are at their busiest. I am a happily married woman but I hate Valentine's Day. I am not a chocolate person (unless it is ice cream), I love flowers but hate when they die, and love should be expressed throughout the whole year and not just one day. I know there are a lot of "Holidays" like this....Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day. I don't understand why we have to seclude ourselves to showing respect and love to those we care about most on these particular days. Most single people hate Valentine's Day because it reminds them that they are alone and love sucks. Most married men hate it because it is one more date they have to remember along with anniversary, birthday, and other special occasions to please their wife. Me, I am lucky. I got married on February 7th. So a long time ago my husband and I decided we will never have to celebrate Valentine's Day again. I don't want a card, I don't want flowers, and I don't want a bunch of chocolate that my Chocolate Lab is going to eat and then throw up on my bedroom floor. I would rather enjoy a nice quiet dinner at home with my husband and kids (my husband is an awesome cook). I often wonder if I am a rare breed of if other women just don't care about this "Holiday" as much as I do.

I took to Facebook and I asked 10 of my friends the following questions.

1) Would you like to receive flowers for Valentine's Day? 4 out of 10 said YES

2) Would you like to receive jewelry? 3 out of 10 said Yes

3) Would you like to receive lingerie? 7 out of 10 said No

4) Would you like to eat in or go out for dinner? 2 out of 10 said Out

5) Would you be upset if your partner forgot Valentine's Day? 2 out of 10 said Yes

I was actually shocked by there answers. I had asked 10 different women from the age of 26 and up. All of them are in a serious committed relationship. Like I said I do not want flowers, jewelry, lingerie, and I would rather stay in for dinner and I couldn't care less about this "Holiday".

Now I have asked 10 Men the following questions:

1) Do you think Valentine's Day is more about women or men? 1/2 said woman 1/2 said both

2) Would you like to have dinner IN or OUT? more than 1/2 said IN

3) What would be the best present to get for your husband/boyfriend? This was a little harder for the guys and everyone had something different but it took them a few to respond to this question. My favorite is the cheesy one about their partner's love is all they need.

4) Would you be upset if your partner forgot Valentine's Day? Only 1 of them said YES.


If you simple just showered your spouse/partner with a little extra love and a romantic dinner you would be good as gold. Women just aren't impressed with Valentine's Day anymore. Maybe it is years of disappointment while we were dating and since we have found the our one true love it doesn't matter. 

I think it is important for people in a committed relationship to show each other every day that they love each other. My husband can't say "I love you enough". He still opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, and tells me I am beautiful even though I just got done working out and my hair is in a messy ponytail and I'm in my workout sweatpants.  

Me, February is just one month closer to Spring when the air is warm, the smell of bbqs and bonfires fill the air, kids running around laughing and playing. This is when my Spring fever starts to hit and I start going through the kids clothes and determining what is going to be too small for next winter, what I need to buy them for the new Spring season, and making sure that my motorcycle is geared up and ready to go for any nice day. 

Until Next Time......

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