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Fall is Coming

System - Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Isn’t it amazing how one day can change everything? Labor Day was on Monday and it was so hot. I was hosting a BBQ at my house. We had invited some friends and family over to eat a lot of good food and play corn-hole and euchre. We all sat around talking and having so much fun. It was a really beautiful day. Fast Forward one day and the weather is cloudy and the wind has a certain chill in the air. You can tell Fall is approaching fast. I couldn’t be happier. I love Fall almost as much as I love Spring. Fall has some of the most beautiful colors. I love watching the leaves change from green to orange and red. Driving down the road it seems almost peaceful. Like you are in a painting.

With the Fall like weather comes FOOOOOOOOOTBALL!!!! My favorite sport. I love my Indianapolis Colts. They are my team!!!! I turn into a total dude (minus the beer part). I love when my husband makes good food and we get to sit around and scream at our T.V. My poor husband, God love him, definitely drew the short in of the stick when he married me. That poor man cooks and cooks and cooks some more. Not only does he cook full time for his job but he got a second part time job as a private chef for a wonderful couple in Zionsville area. The husband was on dialyses because he was in kidney failure but because of an angel was able to receive a kidney this past Friday. He is now on the fast track to healing and is so happy to have mashed potatoes. Isn’t that funny? This man just went through hours of surgery to get a new kidney and he was super satisfied just having mashed potatoes. Makes you think about what is really important in life. NOW on top of all that cooking my husband makes a meal once a week for 25 hungry 8th grade football players. I signed up for the job thinking I could be able to handle it when in fact I couldn’t and it got placed on my husband’s lap. Luckily for me, he has been a true sport about it all. Now for the real kicker…..he even cooks us dinner (including my mother) almost every night of the week. I definitely feel like I am the winner between the two of us.

Another one of my favorite things about Fall is bonfires. I love sitting in my back yard with a pair of sweats, a hoodie, and a glass of wine. It is serene listening to the wood crackle under the heat of the flames, the music lightly playing in the background, the fact that it gets darker sooner so I have to fight less with my kids about going to bed. Fall is calm to me.

Now with Fall fast approaching it is time to do some Fall cleaning. Time to get the jeans, sweatshirts, and warm blankets out and get them washed. It is time to open those windows that have been shut all summer long so you can let the cool Fall air in and rejuvenate you. It is time to wash walls, windows, clean carpets, and get ready to bunker down for the winter. Enjoy your last few weeks of being outside without seeing your breath.

Here are somethings to look forward to:

~Tonight starts off FOOTBALL SEASON

~3 days until the Colts start their season

~11 days until Fall actually starts

~50 days until Halloween

~51 days until Day Light Saving Time Ends

~76 days until Thanksgiving (My favorite Holiday)

~102 days until Winter

~105 days until Christmas

~112 days until the New Year

Until Next Time………….

Summer Comes to an End

System - Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sooner or later it we all knew it would come. Those big Yellow School buses would begin to flood our streets, children standing on the corner waiting for it to come and pick them up, and parents rejoicing that they finally it to go back to a little bit of a normal routine. The last two weeks have been extremely busy with getting my kids registered for school, getting their school supplies, new clothes, doctor appointments, football practice for the boy and soccer practice for the girl. Tomorrow is the day. The BIG DAY. It is my daughter's first year in Middle School and it is my son's last year. Bittersweet in some ways


Luckily for me, both my kids are very athletic, outgoing, and outstanding kids. They should be able to make friends fast.

Some say summer came and went too fast but not me. We took our vacation and the beginning of Summer and ever since I have been waiting for the kids to go back to school. Ali, my daughter, loves school. She is ready to go back as well. My son, Julian, not so much. He likes to hang with his friends and play sports but homework and teachers are not his thing. Luckily, the two go hand in hand. If he wants to play sports he has to get good grades.


Now, we have had an interesting summer this year. We took the kids to California and they rode on a plane for the first time. The kids got to go to the Monon Center and go swimming. They played baseball and soccer. Ali went to Kings Island a couple of times. The coolest thing was when my dad took Ali to the Indianapolis Colt practice on Tuesday of last week. They got really close. So close that Ali's phone with flying out of her hands and landing on Pat McAfee. He picks up the phone and starts taking selfies with her. She was on cloud 9. She would stop talking about it for days.


Afterwards he signed her hat. He is such a great trooper. He made Ali's day. She got a autograph from Matt Overton and Jack Dole.

A few years ago, right before school started I wrote and open letter and put it on Facebook. No matter how excited I am to put my kids on the bus that first day of school it is always scary. You don't know what will happen to them after those doors close. I wanted to share it with you:

Dear Bus Driver, Please make sure that you get plenty of sleep tonight as I am depending on you to take my children to and from school safely. Please protect them as if they were your own. I know that your job is extremely hard and I am very thankful for you. 

 Dear Teachers, Please make sure that you remember that my kids are nervous, scared, and excited all rolled into one. I am trusting you to fill my kid’s minds with knowledge and to keep them safe. I am entrusting you with my kids and know that your job is extremely hard and couldn't imagine doing it myself. I very thankful for you.

To all other drivers, Remember that there are innocent children at the bus stop eagerly waiting for that big yellow bus to come pick them up and carry them to school. There are kids super excited because Mom and Dad said they were finally old enough to ride their bike to school. There are moms/dads on their way to drop their kids off on their first day of school. Please be careful, take your time, and drive safely. Remember to slow down in the school zones and keep your eyes out for children.



Until Next Time........


New Year

System - Thursday, January 8, 2015

I don't know about you but I am glad that the Holiday season is over. Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas but I am just over it. I couldn't wait to put up my Christmas tree and couldn't wait to take it down. I love spending time with my family. I have such a big family. My favorite part is listening to my husband read "T'was the night before Christmas" to our children. A tradition he took over once his grandpa passed away :(

 It makes me so happy that even at 10 and 12 they will sit there and listen to their father read. I hope that this is a tradition that they carry on with their families. However I am NOT ready for them to even think about having families right now.


For the past several years my nephews come over and spend the night with us for New Year's Eve. We drink fake wine and the kids play on their tablets or Ipods. This year we decided to make cookies.


So with a New Year comes new roads, challenges, and adventures. I can't wait to see what this year brings. My daughter will graduate from 5th grade in May and I will have to children in Middle School. This really saddens me. Our son will start his last year of Middle school. I am not ready to have a HIGH SCHOOLER!!! We are trying to plan a family vacation to California. My husband and I have joined a gym to get healthier. What are some of your goals or resolutions for this year?

We all know by my last blog that I might be just a "Little" bit of a Colts fan! Well I got two tickets to go to the game this past Sunday. I had the task of picking who I wanted to take with me. My first pick of course was my husband however, he doesn't do well with crowds and didn't want to go. I thought about taking my mom but she is a jinx. Every time she watches the game they do bad or lose and I really didn't want to risk that. Well then there were my children. My 2 children. They are both big Colts fans as well. I sat and pondered about how I was going to take one and not the other and decided that maybe this was a bad idea and I should just take my brother but then I would have 2 angry children. So I weighed my options and decided to take my daughter. It was only fair since her brother is going on a Ski Trip to Michigan next weekend. So Ali and I took off for the game and arrived at 9:30am outside Lucas Oil Stadium. It was FREEZING. We went into the Colts Touchdown Corner and met Jim Sorgi. Ali got her face painted and took pictures of cardboard cutouts of T. Y Hilton, Reggie Wayne and Coach Pagano. When it was time to finally enter into the stadium that is when I saw my daughter's eyes light up. We had REALLY good seats. Lower Level row 15 in the end zone. You could see the players warming up and she was instagramming and taking pictures like you wouldn't believe. Coby Fleener at one point was only 10 yards away from her. She was too shy to yell out and ask for an autograph. Cory Redding passed us by as he was warming up. We shared a wonderful day together and I was extremely happy that she had the best time of her life.


May this year be the one in which all your wishes come true. The one in which your dreams may turn into reality and all your fears may fade away. Happy new year!

Until next time......


Indianapolis Colts

System - Thursday, December 11, 2014

Was anyone else as scared as I was this past Sunday when I seriously thought that we were going to lose to the Cleveland Browns? I know during the 3rd Quarter I had to walk away from the t.v. I was yelling at the players like they could actually hear me. I am also sure I held my breath for what was the LOOOOOOONGEST 45 seconds ever.

So the Indianapolis Colts are getting ready for a big game on Sunday 12/14. They are facing the AMAZINGLY Talented JJ Watts and the Houston Texans. I don’t know if you follow football but I am a BIG fan to say the least. I am an avid Indianapolis Colts fan for as long as I can remember. Even back when they couldn’t win a game to save their lives. I teach my kids about the players and the game as well. My son likes to pretend he is Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck while my Daughter is Reggie Wayne or T.Y. Hilton. 



We get together on Sundays and watch the pre-game show and then watch the game. My son likes to state the obvious after almost every play. I am so happy for DVR because when I see Reggie Wayne make a one-handed catch or T.Y. Hilton run for 48 yards to the end zone I can’t help but hit the replay button.

So I thought I would give you a little bit of history on the Indianapolis Colts.

Well 1st and foremost they were originally the Baltimore Colts. However depending on who you asked Indianapolis kind of stole them. So I don’t want to touch on a touchy subject so we will skip to right when they became the Indianapolis Colts.

In 1984 the Baltimore Colts owner Robert Irsay and Indianapolis Mayor William “Bill” Hudnut reached an agreement to move the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis and became the Indianapolis Colts. Just after 2 weeks there were 143,000 request for Season tickets. This was just the start of what was a “Racing Town” turned Football Lovers.

It was just the start of something that was going to lead to greatness. It was a struggle to get started but the Indianapolis Colts have come a long way in 30 Years.

In 1984 the Indianapolis Colts had the lowest yardage in the league.

In 1985 and 1986 the Indianapolis Colts had only won 8 games.

In 1987 now Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson joined the Indianapolis Colts and the team went 9-6 winning the AFC East for the 1st time. They made it to the playoffs only to lose to the Cleveland Browns.

In 1991 with no luck in the post season since 1987 the Colts fired Head Coach Ron Meyer and re-hired Coach Ted Marchibroda.  For the next several years the team struggled. In 1994 the Indianapolis Colts hired Bill Tobin has General Manager. He drafted running back the Great Marshall Faulk and talented Jim Harbaugh. In 1995 the Colts won their first postseason game and went to the AFC Championship game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. Unfortunately, the Indianapolis Colts lost.

In 1996 the Colts drafted out of Syracuse one of the greatest and most productive wide receivers in NFL HISTORY! Marvin Harrison. 

Coach Marchibroda retired the following year being replaced by Lindy Infante. However, that didn’t do the Colts any favors since they went 3-13 during the 1997 season. In 1997 Robert Irsay passed away and Jim Irsay became the principal owner for the Indianapolis Colts. Irsay’s first line of business was to replace Tobin as GM with Bill Polian.

In 1998 after a horrible season Jim Irsay started cleaning house. He also fired Head Coach Lindy Infante and hired Jim Mora. This was also the year that the most talented quarterback to ever touch a pigskin was signed as the new Quarterback. The one and only Peyton Manning. Fresh out of college but in a world he was all too familiar with Peyton Manning only led the Colts to 3 wins that season. However he did pass for 3,739 yards and threw for 26 touchdowns. He was also named NFL All-Rookie First Tem.

In 1999 The Indianapolis Colts drafted the man of steel behind the wheel Edgerrin James. The Colts went 13-3 and finished 1st in the AFC East for the first time since 1987. In true Colts history the Indianapolis Colts fell short to the Tennessee Titans in the divisional playoffs.

In 2000 and 2001 the Indianapolis Colts began to struggle again. In 2001 They fired Coach Jim Mora and replaced him with Tony Dungy from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Under Tony Dungy, the Colts returned quickly to the playoffs with a record of 10-6. In 2004 the Indianapolis Colts became AFC South Champions and for faced the dreadful and much hated New England Patriots for the AFC Division Championship game. It was a battle between two great quarterbacks. Tom Brady for the New England Patriots had made a name for himself but could never really stepped outside of Manning’s shadow. However, history repeated itself and the Indianapolis Colts loss to the New England Patriots.

In 2005 the Indianapolis Colts began their season with a 13-0 record. They had an outstanding year breaking records and making name for themselves. They made it again to the playoffs vs the Pittsburgh Steelers and again sadly lost.

In 2006 with a seasoned quarterback, veteran receivers, and outstanding defenders Joseph Addai was drafted. They went 9-0 to start the season but had their first loss to the Dallas Cowboys. However the Colts still went 12-4. They made it to the playoffs yet again for the 5th consecutive year. They beat out Kansas City Cheifs in the first round and there old hometown team the Baltimore Ravens in the second round only to be faced with the New England patriots again for the AFC Championship game. It didn’t start out as the Indianapolis Colts fans would like. At half time the score was Patriots 21 the Colts 3. However, after coming back from the locker room after half time the Indianapolis Colts had changed their game and came back to win 38-34. It was the 1st time as Indianapolis Colts going to the Superbowl. This was not only a big deal for the team but it was a big deal for the Coach Tony Dungy as he and Lovie Smith were the first African American coaches to ever Coach in a Super bowl.

The Indianapolis Colts went on to face the Chicago Bears in the Super bowl in Florida. The rain was falling down and Indianapolis Fans were nervous. Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts were not great at playing in the rain. However the Indianapolis Colts WON the super bowl 29-17.

For the next several years the Colts made it to the playoffs but always fell short of the AFC Divisional Championship Game. In 2008 the Indianapolis Colts moved from the RCA Dome to the new and very improved Lucas Oil Stadium. Also after the 2008 Season Coach Tony Dungy decided to retire. One of the greatest coaches in Indianapolis Colts history Coach Tony Dungy led his team to a total of 92 wins and only 33 losses.

Jim Caldwell was hired to replace Tony Dungy and he led his team to a 14-0 start. They could have gone 16-0 but Coach Jim Caldwell decided to bench his starters for the last two games to keep them safe and protected for the playoffs. It was a bet that paid off because the Indianapolis Colts beat the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets to advance to the Super bowl again a Cinderella team the New Orleans Saints. However with much disappointment the Colts lost to the Saints 31-17.

In 2010 the Indianapolis Colts hit a rough patch and didn’t do very well. It was also the last time Payton Manning played in a game as an Indianapolis Colt.

In 2011 Peyton Manning was sidelined for the majority of the season due to neck injuries. He still wore his uniform proud and tried to coach 3 different quarterbacks into a winning game. Kerry Collins took place of Peyton as the starting quarterback only to lose the job to back up quarterback Curtis Painter. Curtis Painter also could not fill the shoes of the Great Peyton Manning so they gave 2nd string quarterback Dan Orlovsky a chance. He failed as well. The Colts went 2-14. With a horrible record the only thing the Colts won was 1st round pick in the 2012 Draft. Along with the winning season Bill Polian was also fired. Indianapolis Colts fans were left in limbo about what was going to happen with Peyton Manning. Was he recovered enough to plan another season or five? Should they let him go and sign Rookie Andrew Luck and start fresh? Was it a ploy all along? Did the Colts decide that Peyton was not going to have a future with the Indianapolis Colts and they needed and wanted a Rookie Quarterback to last the next 10 years? Again it is all who you decide to ask. There were 2 great choices for Quarterbacks that year in the draft. Some wanted Andrew Luck and some wanted Robert Griffin III nicknamed RG3. After much deliberation Andrew Luck was the 1st pick of the 2012 Draft and he was welcomed with mixed emotions in Indianapolis.

With Bill Polian out Ryan Grigson was hired on as the new General Manager and Jim Caldwell was let go and hired in his place was Coach Chuck Pagano. It seemed like 2012 was a time for a change. Peyton Manning wasn’t the only star player released from the Indianapolis Colts. Following in suit behind him were greats like Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark and Defensive Captain Gary Brackett. In came Andrew Luck, Colby Fleener and T.Y. Hilton.

The season started off not so great when just shortly into the season Coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia. Indianapolis and the players rallied behind him and became #ChuchStrong. Under Interm Head Coach Bruce Arians the very young and very new Indianapolis Colts went 11-5. Unfortunately, the Colts feel victims to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs.

In 2013 Peyton Manning returned home as a Denver Bronco and was welcomed with open arms. Several fans had #18 jerseys that were half Indianapolis Colts and half Denver Bronco. Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis beat the Hometown hero 39-33. The Colts again made it the playoffs only falling short of bringing home the AFC South Championship or Super bowl title.

The start of the 2014 season has been a great one has well. The Colts are leading the AFC South and are in the Hunt for the playoff spots. Hopefully with Home field advantage. Remember to stay #ColtsStrong #BleedBlue.

Not only is December 15th an important date for the game but it is a special day. Mayor William “Bill” Hudnut (longest running Mayor of Indianapolis and one of the greatest men to ever live) is being honored for all of his hard work and dedication to the great state of Indiana. Indianapolis has built a monument downtown that they will unveil before the game on December 15th. Without Mayor Hudnut Indiana probably wouldn’t have a football team or many other amazing things like the RCA Dome, Monument Circle, Union Station, IU School of Medicine, Indiana Convention Center and Eli Lilly. His goal was to make Indiana a “happening” place. Indiana became a very sports affiliated state thanks to Mayor Hudnut. So we are not only Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Indianapolis Colts, we are celebrating the Man that helped bring them here.

Greatest Players as the Indianapolis Colts

Marvin Harrison~He caught for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns. He has a record of 143 catches in one season.

Peyton Manning~ Do you really need a reason? He is just the best of the best!

Edgerrin James~has 9226 rushing yards, 62 touchdowns

Dwight Freeney~#93 was the most outstanding Defensive End I had seen in some time. In his 11 seasons as a Colt he has 107.5 sacks and 43 forced fumbles. He will always be famous for his signature spin move.

Robert Mathis~in his 16th season with the Colts Robert is the BEST OF THE BEST. He leads the league in sacks with 19.5. He also has the NFL Record of most strip sacks with 43

Jeff Saturday~best Center in Colts’ history. He has since retired as an Indianapolis Colt.

Adam Vinatieri~Mr. Clutch is the BEST KICKER OF ALL TIME!!!!

Gary Brackett 754 tackles

Dallas Clark~He is an amazing Tight End. He broke several franchise records and has made 427 catches 46 TDs

Marshall Faulk~One of the greatest running back to grace the NFL. The Colts were lucky to have him for the four years they did. He is one of the very few RBs to have 10,000 rushing yards and 5,000 receiving yards.

Antoine Bethea~has 857 tackles 17 interceptions

Bob Sanders~303 Tackles 6 interceptions and a star safety.

Reggie Wayne~A true Colt through and through. He had been a Colt since the beginning and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Before the start of the 2014 Season Reggie had 13,566 yards and 80 touchdowns.

Until Next Time................


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