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Spring has finally arrived!!! Well maybe :(

System - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It is finally here.....Spring is finally here. Well maybe. I know that Mother Nature has been playing some very mean tricks on us here lately. How can it be 60 and sunny then go to a thunderstorm and into a snow storm all in 12 hours??? Well hopefully we will be getting warmer weather sooner rather than later. I am surely sick and tired of the snow and cold. This weekend we are suppose to get some warm weather mixed with rain. All I know is that I am ready for warmer weather, cookouts, campfires, and being able to air out my house. I always purge in the Spring time. I open all my windows and I clean. When I clean I mean I CLEAN!!!! I start in one room and work my way through all the rooms until I am finished. Closets get cleaned and organized, winter clothes get washed, dried and stored. I move beds, dressers, and tvs to make sure that I dust and vacuum under and around everything. It takes me pretty much all day. My kids and husband know that they MUST stay out of my way. Don't try and help me cause I have a way of doing things and they will more than likely just get in my way. Now while I am doing everything inside the house my husband and kids can do the yard work. Picking up doggie doo doo, branches, and mowing the lawn. I will stay out of their way. My husband also has to clean out the garage cause that is his man cave. So since I am gearing up to get in my cleaning mode I thought that I would share some MUST dos.


 1) Orangize~You will save so much space if you do this. Check out pintrest on some amazing cool everyday things you can use to organize your cabinets, pantry, and closets.


2) Purge~Get rid of things that are to small or big. Toys you know your kid(s) haven't played with in months. Old damage socks with holes in them. I was once told that you should put all your clothes in your closet backwards. So the hanger is facing out not in. When you do your next load of laundry you will hang your clothes the normal way. Then after one month you can go through your closet and anything that is on backwards hanger is not important enough to wear so get rid of it. (If they are still in good condition donate to your local shelters)


3) Focus~Don't get distracted. Make sure you stay on task. Don't overwhelm yourself. One room at a time. Believe me you will get it all done but you will have to realize that you will make a mess in another room while cleaning the other. However, once you are finished you can move on to the next one.


4) Music~ Make sure you create a playlist of your favorite upbeat music so that you can dance while you clean. It makes for a good workout as well. Make sure that you have positive, up beat music. You don't want to be in the zone and the next thing you hear is some slow love song that makes you want to weep.


5) List~Making a list of things you want to keep and want to throw away before you start cleaning so that you can pre-organize is extremely helpful.


Well I hope these tips are helpful to you and HAPPY SPRING CLEANING


Until next time...........


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