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Back to School

System - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to School


I can’t think of anyone more excited right now than parents. It is that time again. BACK TO SCHOOL. Do you have all your kids’ pencils, papers, crayons, markers, binders, folders, colored pencils, paints, so on and so forth???? It all seems so overwhelming doesn’t it? Luckily for me I waited, like a lot of parents, until the last minute. We were all scrambling around looking for things and we would hear someone say “Where are the red pens” and someone would kindly point them out. Eventually we were all shopping together calling out what we needed and when we found something the other needed. The hardest thing to find was multicolored highlighters. Which by the way were nowhere near the school supplies.


The night before school….kids are fed, showered, and ready for bed and you crash into your bed waiting for the alarm to sound in just a few short hours. It only like you shut your eyes when the alarm sounds and you are rushing around to make sure they kids are up, dressed, eating breakfast, have all their school stuff, get a couple of pictures, and out the door to make sure that you don’t miss the bus. You wait and wait and wait…….still no bus. Then it goes by and you are like WHAT?????? So you hop in your car and chase the bus down and get your kid off to school only to find out that your kids was at the wrong bus stop. Which isn’t too bad since I had some friends put their kids on the wrong bus that took them to the wrong school OOPs!


Now that your kids are at school you have some kind of relief throughout the day knowing that they are learning but worried and wondering if they are doing okay? If they made any new friends? If they are being bullied? If they are missing you as much as you are missing them? You have waited all summer long to get rid of them just to want to hear from them long enough to know they are okay.


So the night before school I always say a little prayer and I would like to share it with all of you.

Dear Bus Driver, Please make sure that you get plenty of sleep tonight as I am depending on you to take my children to and from school safely. Please protect them as if they were your own. I know that your job is extremely hard and I am very thankful for you.

 Dear Teachers, Please make sure that you remember that my kids are nervous, scared, and excited all rolled into one. I am trusting you to fill my kids’ minds with knowledge and to keep them safe. I am entrusting you with my kids and know that your job is extremely hard and couldn't imagine doing it myself. I very thankful for you.

                To all other drivers, Remember that there are innocent children at the bus stop eagerly waiting for that big yellow bus to come pick them up and carry them to school. There are kids super excited because Mom and Dad said they were finally old enough to ride their bike to school. There are moms/dads on their way to drop their kids off on their first day of school. Please be careful, take your time, and drive safely. Remember to slow down in the school zones and keep your eyes out for children.

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